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About the Photographer

I don't have a passion for photography.....I have a passion for people!!  When I studied theatre in college, people-watching to study for a new role taught me to look deep into people.  To realize that every person has a story --a history-- and every person has a dream -- their future.  And that really intrigues me.  Every person is unique because they are a sum of their life experiences.  I love to look deep into my subjects and try to capture the true essence of who they are; not just what they look like.  If there's one thing I scrutinize in every photo, it's the smile behind the eyes.  I need to know it's genuine.   

With a background in the performing arts, body building, modeling, voice, and education & inspiration, I have s a unique way of bringing out the very best in people.  It's why year after year the #1 comment I hear is:  "I look at your pictures and I feel like I know every one of your seniors."  

As a mother of three, I put value in properly interpreting my subjects for mom and dad.  There are certain expressions and mannerisms unique to each of my boys.  That's what I would want my photographer to capture for me, so it's what I try to do for all of my clients.   

Photography isn't about the's the experience behind the equipment.....and how the person behind the camera communicates with the person in front of the camera.  I take pride in being a full service studio where I can help guide my clients along the way to achieving their goals.